Thursday, September 29, 2016

       In 2009, Pelican Pub. Co. published my Oklahoma Land Run book. It's about a young boy, named Jesse, who needs to help his dad stake a claim in the first land run in Oklahoma. His dad's been in an accident, and he can't drive his wagon. His dad wants some land, but he doesn't want his son to drive against more experienced drivers.

      Some people rode horses or mules during the land run. Others jumped off of trains to stake their claims. Many drove wagons or carts, walked or ran, or rode bicycles.

      This is a picture book for young children concerning one of Oklahoma's historical events. I used information from author, Stan Hoig, as well as others in my research of Oklahoma's first land run.

      At schools, I display many items that could have been in their wagons. I have quilts, a rug beater, glass jars, a rolling pin, belt buckles, bonnets, bandanas, skillets, children's clothing, toys, etc. During author visits, this program takes longer for my "show and tell", so I can't visit with as many classes in a day as I otherwise could.

     If we have time, I usually let students play "Herd the Pigs". It's a game that can be played with a variety of my books. All students need for the game are 8 fly swatters, 8 balls with faces of pigs (or cows or elephants) on them and two hula hoops. There needs to be 4 balls of one color and 4 of another color so students can identify which balls they are to "herd" into the corral or hula hoop. This an activity that I adapted from the Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom program, and children love working as a team to win the game.

This is a picture of some of the items that I display when I go to schools and read my Oklahoma Land Run book. Many are items found around the time Oklahoma became a state.

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