Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Great Elephant Escape
     The Great Elephant Escape is a book that was published by Pelican Pub. Co. in 2012. It's the story of two little elephants (1,500 pounds each) who run away from the circus grounds in Hugo, OK. It's hot July and there are five baby elephants traveling to Mexico City to perform. They are at the circus grounds where they can rest before going farther south.
      Something scares them during the night, and they scatter. Three of the five are caught fairly quickly--but not Isa and Lilly. Their adventure takes days to unravel. They are spotted sometimes, but  always get away. They don't like horses, and they can smell them coming. So, Isa and Lilly run  the other way.
      B.J. Easterwood spotted Isa who had traveled to Fort Towson, OK. A few days later, Brad Wells  sighted Lilly near Sawyer, OK.
      Lyndol Fry, a former state wildlife commissioner, who lives in Hugo, finally caught up with them. With his help, they are returned to the circus grounds.

I'm with Lilly at the Endangered Ark Foundation in Hugo, OK.
Herding the Elephants at a school in Oklahoma.
Two of my favorite friends playing the "Herding the Elephants" game in Texas.

     When I read this story at schools or at libraries, I bring along my elephant puppet. I also have a favorite game that we play that includes huge fly swatters, hula hoops, and balls with elephant faces drawn on them. It's fun and children love it.

Lyndol Fry, who tranquilized the elephants Isa and Lilly, and I sign books in Hugo. Lyndol played a very important part in getting the elephants back to the circus grounds.

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