Reviews for The Great Elephant Escape

A Review of The Great Elephant Escape
What could be more exciting than watching elephants escape from the circus? Five young elephants escaped fro the Carson & Barnes grounds in Hugo, Oklahoma on July 2, 1975. Three elephants were quickly found, but Isa and Lilly were loose for three weeks. One day, Annie and Jimmy discover that someone (or something) has eaten their mother's garden. Who is the culprit? To their surprise, giant
 footprints are visible throughout the garden, indicating a large animal has been there. The children discover that two elephants have escaped from the circus. The sheriff's office is busy looking for the two elephants, but they are elusive and elude the entire town for three weeks, scaring people and appearing unexpectedly in backyards. In this delightful and enchanting story, young readers will discover what happens when two elephants escape the circus and lead the entire town on a wild goose chase. Young readers will enjoy the lively text and wonderful illustrations.
Reviewer:  Suzanna E. Henshon, Ph.D

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