Author Fun Facts

Author Fun Facts

     It's always fun to learn something about authors. Some live a very wild life while others lead common, run of the mill lives. I think mine is very common.
     I played many sports in high school and college. I especially liked basketball and volleyball. I enjoyed spiking the ball over the net in volleyball. I was short, but it was fun
    In basketball, I was a forward. A very short forward. I had enough college credits to get an endorsement in physical education, but I never coached. Now, I don't play either sport.

    In college intramural games, I was on a team that was required to play a freshman team. While most of my own team had played in junior high and high school, the freshman team didn't know how to play. I don't think they ever caught on to the game. We beat them 110-4, and I think we helped them get the 4 points!

    I like animals--dogs, horses, cats, elephants, donkeys, birds, and many others. I enjoy writing stories about them. Sometimes, they are included in my stories about Oklahoma.

    I enjoy taking photos of sunsets and animals. Sometimes, I take pictures of historical sites and people.

    Although I don't write very much poetry, I write haiku. It's fun. Sonnets, though, are not fun to write.

For many years, I made wedding cakes for friends and family. I was taking a class in cake decorating when my in-laws celebrated their 50th anniversary. Although I didn't know much about assembling wedding cakes and making hundreds of roses, I did make a four tier wedding cake for their anniversary celebration.

I finished my first degree (B.S. in Ed.) at the age of 20. I attended school throughout the year, and was able to finish in three years. I never missed a class during that time.

 I went on to teach for five years before I married. By then, I had my Master's degree in Ed.

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