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Clancy has found a new treat that he likes to eat on the farm. He likes it so much that he searches all over the farm for this new, tasty treat. When the farmer and Clancy meet at the same place, it causes quite a ruckus.


Scanner is a Scottie who needs a home. He finds a nice lady, Miss Copywright, to take him home. She tries to find his owner. He ends up staying with her. He listens to children read to him in a school library. One day, he's ZAPPED by the Scanner. Now he has a big secret.

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When two baby elephants escaped from the circus in 1975, it took eighteen days to find them. The authorities searched all over, but they were always one step behind this sneaky pair of fugitives. This colorful picture book follows these giant hide-and-seekers throughout Oklahoma as they evade capture for as long as they can.

After organizing a special Christmas Eve race in Daytona, drivers Junior and Michael are in for a holiday treat when a strange car pulls up on the track. It's covered in blinking lights and tinsel and smells of green pine, and the driver is Santy Claus, who is ready to race. Racecar Driver's Night Before Christmas is a holiday story unlike any other as Santy Claus competes for the gold in the Jingle Bell Jammer, outracing the best and leaving presents of pistons and brakes behind for the racecar drivers who have been good all year.

This children's picture book depicts the dramatic opening of 2 million acres of land in Oklahoma on April 22, 1889, and the mad rush that ensued as 50,000 people scrambled to stake their claim. Young Jesse convinces his injured father to let him drive the wagon. During the action-packed race, Jesse proves up to the challenges and secures a beautiful stake. 
Toby's class report on his favorite hero is about his great-great-grandfather, Tobias Frazier, who was a code talker in World War I. Toby's friend, Charlie, decides he'd like to learn a code, and Toby teaches his friend many Choctaw words. They pretend to be code talkers around Frazier Creek, and Toby tells Charlie some secret code words used during the war. One day, they need to help Toby's grandfather who desperately needs their help.
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Sunsets and Haiku is a coffee table book and an educational look at haiku--otherwise known as Japanese poetry. Photographs were taken by Una Belle Townsend. She also wrote all 35 haiku in the book. Teachers who teach haiku could use this book as an example. They can also have students write their own haiku after looking at the photographs.
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Grady is a Hereford cow who gets herself mysteriously stuck in a silo. What follows is a wonderfully entertaining look into an unexpected situation that needs help from around the world to be solved.

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