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Sunsets and Haiku published by Doodle and Peck Publishing Co. (
The gorgeous photographs taken by the author are paired well with the inspiring, sometimes, playful poetry. A lovely treat for the soul.
Valerie Lawson    Amazon review
Una Belle Townsend's book, Sunsets and Haiku, is a feast for the eyes, heart, and soul, a beautifully blended pastry--delicate, pretty to look at, and deliciously written. Breathtaking photos and inspiring haiku will take you on a journey that is peaceful and inspiring. Here is one of my favorites:                
"Brilliant, bold sapphire
Splashes of pink diamond dust
Heavenly jewels"
This book makes me want to sit back and grab a cup of coffee. It's a good read for all nature and poetry lovers. I plan to keep Sunsets and Haiku out as a "coffee table" book for others to enjoy.
Darleen Bailey Beard
Author of
Annie Glover is NOT a Tree Lover
Will Rogers, Oklahoma's Favorite Son
The Flimflan Man
"Stark windblown reeds against a vivid crimson sky and bold black Japanese calligraphy announce Una Belle Townsend's book--Sunsets and Haiku.
Fluid descriptive verse and watercolor like imagery move the reader from page to page much like leaves on a flowing stream.
Sun whispers good-night
Apricot clouds invite dreams
Day bids adieu
Youth and adult can appreciate this beautiful tribute to nature.
Maia Lea Ray, Teacher  College Art Appreciation
Una Belle Townsend, author of Grady's in the Silo and other children's books, has created a gift for adults just in time for long winter nights. Her photographs of Oklahoma's sunsets are lovely, and the haiku that accompany them are spot on. My favorite?
Shivering branches
                         Swirling deep plum clouds whisper
  "Winter approaches" 
Sharon Martin
    I like Kay Ray Putty's beginning of her review. She wrote the first 3 lines in haiku.

Una Belle Townsend's
Haiku warms my cold, old soul
When will Spring return?

She says,      "Your haiku and lessons warmed the sunless Kentucky Christmas week.
                                   Made me want to head Midwest for a spell,

                                                  Thanks for the warmth!

                                                                          Kay Ray Putty
                                                               Retired Elementary School teacher

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