Friday, August 21, 2015


      Welcome to the website of Una Belle Townsend. I'm a long time writer and author. I was born and raised in Texas, and I received degrees at East Texas Baptist College and Stephen F. Austin University. I taught in Texas and Oklahoma schools. I enjoy working with students in grades K through 4. I write books that fit that age group, too.
      I like to write about interesting happenings in Oklahoma, and three of my books are just that kind of book. One involves a story about the land run. One is about two elephants who are circus runaways, and the first book I wrote is about a cow in Yukon, OK that jumped in a silo. I have other Oklahoma stories that I hope to get published within the next few years. My publisher for my first four books was Pelican Publishing Co.
     I do school visits and programs at libraries, and work with librarians on Summer Reading Programs in Oklahoma and Texas.
     I am married with two grown sons, and I have a daughter-in-law.
    Over the years, we've had many German Shepherds. At the moment, we have a "stray" who is a red and blue Heeler with a Pit Bull face. He's a great watch dog, and of course, we're keeping him.
    I like to enter county and state fairs. Over the years, I've entered crafts, canning, breads, cookies, and cakes, flowers, and photography. Sometimes, I've even won ribbons. One year, I was chosen as Canadian County Citizen of the Year. What an honor!
    I like to take sunset pictures. That led to my book, Sunsets and Haiku, published by Doodle and Peck Publishing Co. this year.
    I'm not too sure what each blog will entail, but I'll try to make each of them interesting or about something that you might want to write about, too.
    Do you have a small biography, a medium size biography, and a large biography?  If not, you might need some of that information to give someone some time. You can always practice making each the best it can be for anyone asking for your biography.
    You can always contact me at  or
     Thanks for reading this blog.  Hope to write another soon.


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