Monday, May 1, 2017

Grady County Outstanding Readers Celebration

Grady County Outstanding Readers Celebration

      I recently spoke at the Grady County Outstanding Reader's Celebration. That particular evening, over 250 students representing all the schools in Grady Co. were given reading certificates and recognized at the Activity Center on the Chickasha High School campus for their reading ability.

     These young students were dressed up and very excited. I don't often see evening celebrations like this one. The students, their parents, and grandparents celebrated their reading achievements that evening.
     There were signs that these boys and girls were good readers. They were quiet, focused, and disciplined during my presentation. They weren't talkative, noisy, or running around in the auditorium. Sitting in the audience were parents, grandparents, and teachers who were proud of each child's success.

     I didn't get any pictures that evening. I wish I would have done so. It was truly a great evening.

    Congratulations to all those wonderful readers in Grady County. You really are outstanding!

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