Monday, May 1, 2017

Introducing Scanner at a Variety of Schools

Introducing Scanner at a Variety of Schools

Introducing Scanner to young students has been great this semester. The book arrived in February, and by March, David Barrow, the illustrator, and I, were busy with many school visits. Some schools were so big that we only introduced Scanner to just one grade. Sometimes, grades Pre-K to 4th grade were included in the presentation. Those schools were smaller, but still very enthusiastic about hearing Scanner's story.
Usually I am asked to do an author's visit alone. I haven't been able to work with any of my illustrators since they live so far away. This time, David Barrow, lives nearby, and we're able to do a team visit. I usually cover introducing the two of us, and tell a little bit about publishing a book. Then I read my book. Next, David tells a little bit about his illustrations, and draws a picture or two for the students. They love it!

You Tube has a short one minute trailer on Scanner. Please check it out.        Scanner trailer

Here are some pictures of schools that we visited.

I'm just beginning the program. I'm talking about how a manuscript becomes a book. Mr. Barrow is waiting for his part of the program. He'll show how he illustrated the book, and he'll draw a few illustrations.
I'm showing students my "Scanner" dog.
Getting ready to read "Scanner" to some classes.
An interpreter for the deaf is also telling Scanner's story.

Just reading about Scanner in this picture.
Everyone seems to be listening intently to Scanner's story.
I always enjoy visiting this school. They created a great banner for David and me.

Great group of students. They were wonderful listeners and asked many questions about publishing, writing, and illustrating.
We had four grades in there, and they were so quiet. Good questions, too.

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